The Ultimate Food Guide for Kaohsiung Taiwan (Or NSYSU Exchange Students) | Taiwan Travel Itinerary & Food Guide

Following my first part of my guide for NSYSU students focusing on admin matters, here is the second part of my guide for NSYSU students, but I guess it can be a Ultimate Food Guide for  Kaohsiung Taiwan! One of the local students sent me a whole list of food places in the whole of kaohsiung, we tried them out and listed the best! By the best, it means we went more than 3-5 times in the span of 4 months. Most of these entries are near to school, and those that are far away from school are those that are so yummy, you have to try it! Have fun and eat well 🙂


A preview of whats coming up!

How to use this food guide for Kaohsiung:
To make it more convenient, I divided the food places into districts, and listed them based on yumminess (first being the best). I also listed down the best tasting dishes and took down photos of both the storefront and one of their food item. Some of their menus are available for viewing too. By the way, most of these places offer prices that are extremely affordable!

IMPORTANT: The opening hours for these areas are quite standard for Taiwan expectations. Almost all the food shops in Taiwan are closed for lunch break. Please go for lunch at 12-1pm and dinner at 5.30-7pm if you want food!

Please click on the name of the place in order to get the pin on google maps that you can then save on your google account.

If you do need the full list (both listed here and not), you can download it here (Link) ! It is in chinese though, so you might want to translate it first!


Gushan District

1. Hei Ren Zheng Bao 黑人蒸寶

We are best friends with the owner of this shop! We came here so many times that we even went out for supper together once. A honest and earnest guy, selling mainly steamed dumplings, fried pancake wraps, fried rice and more at very affordable prices! You can refer to the menu here (Link).
MUST TRY: Pork Steamed Dumplings, Fried Rice, Sweet & Spicy Soup 

DSC02682 DSC00543


2. Ai Mai Breakfast Shop 愛買早餐店

Ai Mai sells breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their breakfast menu (Link) is different from their lunch and dinner menu (Link)! We generally head there for breakfast more than the rest because we really like their egg pancake and burgers (see below). Their breakfast is a very localised breakfast menu while their dinner is very bento style offering food like rice and vegetables with fried chicken or fried pork.
MUST TRY: Breakfast – Egg Pancake (you can choose your toppings), Dinner – Stir fried Dong Fen Noodles, Rice with Fried Chicken Fillet

DSC00283 DSC00291


3. Liu Jiang Bento 劉江便當

This is our ultimate favourite bento place. A very cheap option with a range of different offerings. They have rice and vegetables with stewed pork, stewed beef, fried chicken, fried pork or fried fish. They also offer a flavourful fried rice that is one of our favourites as well! The prices ranges from 65NT – 80NT, and there is free soup too (MSG filled though)! You can add vegetables for 5NT or 10NT. However, you cannot add meat into your dish. We have been trying that for 4 months every time we go there, but no luck!
MUST TRY: Stewed Beef, Fried Pork Bento

DSC00215 IMG_0423


4. Mei Shi Buffet Restaurant 美食自助餐館

This Mei Shi Buffet Restaurant is one of our favourite lunch and dinner places! However, don’t get fooled by “Buffet”! How their buffet works: Take a plate from the side and a pair of thongs. There will be many different dishes for you to take on the stand, from vegetables to meat. Before you make payment, you can let them know whether you want rice to go with your meal or not. They will price you according to how much you take in total (it’s very estimation kind of calculation) – meat is more expensive than vegetables! You can take free soup and red tea as well. Nonetheless, it is still affordable. I took a full plate so many times but never exceeded 75NT!
MUST TRY: Sweet & Sour Pork!! Actually they are all quite delicious, it depends on what vegetables you like.

DSC02687 DSC02685


5. Han Yue Cold Noodles 韓月冷麵王

We get sick of Taiwan food sometimes so we decided to try something else. One of our buddies brought us to this Korean restaurant and it was so good! They sell bimbimbap (mixed rice) to barbeque items and they are open even for lunch break. But one bad thing about it, is that it is quite pricey. The mixed rice offerings are about 180NT and barbeque items can go up to 300NT!
MUST TRY: Mixed Rice in Stone Pot with Pork or Beef  

DSC00511 IMG_0457


6. Rih Chu Mini Shabu Shabu 日初小火鍋

During our time here, it was cold at the start and it rains quite often by the end so sometimes having a mini steamboat is a great choice! Sometimes we buy steamboat goods from Carrefour to have a steamboat at home, but it gets too much for our small tummies. Rih Chu Mini Shabu Shabu offers a individual steamboat with different meat and soup options. They offer kimchi soup, pork based soup, and even stinky tofu soup (it is good by the way). You can also add more steamboat foods if you think it is not enough. It’s average price is about 120NT, you can view the menu here (Link)!
MUST TRY: Signature Pork Based Steamboat

DSC00782 DSC00788


7. No Name Breakfast Place (Click to pin on maps)

Well, I tried searching for the name of our favourite place for breakfast… This is our weekly monday breakfast spot, just because they serve egg pancakes that are the best! We’ve eaten so much egg pancakes around Taiwan and found the one that best suits Singaporean’s taste. It is very affordable too!  This one has little starch compared to the rest which can actually be called starch pancake instead of egg pancake. Also, you can “create” your own egg pancake too (although the aunties generally can’t handle complicated orders). My weekly orders are egg pancake with bacon, cheese and hashbrown, or egg pancake with tuna and hashbrown (AWESOME)! I think mine was at 45/55NT! At the outside of the store, there will be a stall selling carrot cake with sauce and garlic at 25NT too, and I think it is worth a try.

DSC04075 DSC04078


8. Shan Bian Bao Zi 善變的包子

Here comes our favourite spot for supper! This place was called Yong He Dou Jiang (a very famous franchise around Taiwan) before they decided to change it halfway during our semester here. Luckily nothing changed except the name! This is the only 24 hours stall around the area selling soymilk, dough fritters, dumplings and more to satisfy your hunger pangs in the middle of the night! Moreover, food here is extremely cheap, its 4NT for a dumpling.
MUST TRY MUST EAT: Pan Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie), Soymilk
DSC04081 DSC04080


9. Push Cart Store Outside 7-11

This place sells bread filled with both savoury and sweet options, with a touch of homely feel! This is pushcart that starts selling only at 7-8pm at night, but by then, expect a long queue for people looking for supper food. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the pushcart but we have pictures of the food! We ordered the banana oreo, and pudding filled bread! All the breads are priced at 60NT – 85NT depending on what you like – it also has teriyaki beef filling too!

IMG_1020 IMG_1018

10. Small Noodles Stall at Xi Zi Wan MRT Exit 1

This was one of our first attempts to be frugal, and it worked without sacrificing the satisfaction of good food! This is a small set up stall right outside the metro with small tables for seating, with owners that are extremely friendly. Bowls of noodles costs only an estimate of 45NT! However, don’t expect a lot of ingredients other than noodles (It is still tasty!).
MUST TRY: Yang Chun Noodles 



11. Hai Zhi Bing Dessert Stall 海之冰 

This place is only on the list because of the novelty of it’s desserts. This places offers extremely huge bowls of desserts (x1, x2, x5, x15, x20 pax) and it is crazy. Look at the second photo and you will get what I mean. The desserts here however, is slightly sweeter than our liking and they pour condensed milk on the shaved ice like it’s free! It is also slightly pricier as well, see the menu here (Link)! Nonetheless, this will be great for a sunny and hot day (the dessert stall at Yan Cheng District – Popo Dessert Stall is still better – see below).
MUST TRY: Signature Fruits Shaved Ice

DSC01017 DSC01020


12. ArtHouse

Arthouse only bar we chill at that is near to school! The bar is situated on the second floor and it offers a good sight of the pier from it’s seats on the outside. Look at our photo below: this is our favourite seat! The prices are slightly more expensive than buying them yourselves from the mart, but nonetheless, the ambience is extremely good!
MUST TRY: Seating on the seats at the balcony and enjoying your favourite drink


Yan Cheng District

13. Ya Rou Zhen 鴨肉珍

THE BEST DUCK RICE EVER. FULL STOP. They don’t have a menu with prices, but I can roughly remember their offerings! Braised Duck Rice (OMG DROOL), Duck Noodles, Duck innards, Duck Meat and more which you can choose whether you want it in soup style or dry style. They also have very delicious steamed vegetables! The prices are very affordable and not expensive at all – there was once I ate a big bowl of Braised Duck Rice, Steamed Vegetables and Duck Meat Soup and it was only about 150NT.
MUST EAT: BRAISED DUCK RICE (SMALL BOWL – It somehow tastes better than the big bowl, not kidding). Duck Meat Soup!

DSC04037 DSC04039


14. Popo Dessert Stall 婆婆冰

This is by far our favourite place for Taiwanese desserts! Popo Dessert Stall is a store with a long history serving both hot and cold desserts for everyone. They have a additional menu for winter time – charcoal grilled Muah Chee, this is the ultimate bomb! I have never seen anything like this before. We came back so many times during winter just to have that dish. Summer came, and this Muah Chee dish was removed, which then gave us no choice but to try something else! We tried many of their cold desserts – Fruits shaved/snow ice, yam and red bean shaved/snow ice and more. For the shaved ice, it is priced at about 110NT per bowl which is big enough for probably 2pax!
MUST TRY: Winter – Charcoal Grilled Muah Chee (Peanut, Sesame, Honey Flavour), Summer – Signature Mango Snow Ice

IMG_0400 IMG_0403 IMG_0409


15. Gang Yuan Beef Noodle 港園牛肉麵

Gang Yuan Beef Noodle as many franchises around the city, but we only patronise the original one, where we are always welcomed by a long queue! If you love beef, you have to try this store because they stew beef slices with tendons in it, which makes the texture so much better. If you are looking for a lighter option, choose the soup one. If you are looking for a flavourful meal, choose the dry one! If you don’t eat beef, they have other offerings such as the bamboo shoot pork noodle below. The bowls of noodles are priced at 120NT each (it’s worth it)!
MUST EAT: Dry Beef Noodles



16. Da Pang Charcoal Sandwich 大胖碳烤三明治

As the name suggests, they offer charcoal grilled sandwich bread which makes the bread very fragrant and crispy only on the outside. Imagine a piping hot sandwich for breakfast or supper, doesn’t that feel good? This place is loved by locals, a queue is a standard procedure whenever we head there! They offer different toppings for your sandwich which you can decide upon ordering. Other than the novelty of this sandwich, the prices are really affordable too – 25 – 40NT per sandwich!
MUST TRY: Signature Mixed Sandwich (mixed toppings)

IMG_0417 IMG_0421

XinXing District

17. Angel Chicken 天使雞排

This fried chicken fillet is no kidding. It is juicy beyond words. We got scalded by the chicken juice the first time we ate it. JUST TRY IT. It’s only 75NT per piece. Angel Chicken is a common fried chicken brand amongst the locals and every time we pass by, we see a super long queue for their chicken. Therefore, we are smart about it, and we order it through phone and collect it at the time they provide us with. If you need the phone number to call: 0989 216 010, remember to let them know which outlet you are heading towards! There is one at Ruifeng Night Market too (which is featured in this list below too)!
MUST TRY MUST EAT: There is only one chicken fillet that makes you feel like flying – Angel Chicken. 

IMG_0441 IMG_0444IMG_0970


18. Liu He Night Market 六合夜市

A small scale night market with all the essentials you need. This night market is more focused on fresh seafood options more than anything else!
MUST EAT: Flame Grilled Beef Cubes, Papaya Milk (Signboard with a lot of signatures), Wanton Dumplings (Shop with a lot of staff folding dumplings in public)

DSC00150 DSC00160

Zuoying District

19. Ruifeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

This is one of the biggest Night Market in Kaohsiung! From food, drinks, games and shopping, you are covered. You can spend a night here just walking through the crowd and great smell of good food! The prices here are slightly more expensive because of the commercialisation, however the options here are really extensive! We tried many things around the area, and honestly none of the stalls were disappointing!
MUST TRY MUST EAT: Whatever you like! 


Qian Zhen District 

20. Yi he Ju 一合居

This was a random homely place we chanced upon, but we went there so many times after even though it is a 25 minutes drive from home! Many places sell wraps, but the wraps here are different! They have something called San Zi Juan (饊子捲) which is more or less the same as normal wraps but they include some crispy thing inside there that till date, I have not found out what that is. My point is, it is a great addition! Adding on, they sell noodles, dumplings, soups and also braised food. It is also very affordable, check out the menu here (Link)!

DSC04082 photo

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